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  • Cobol on YouTube (438)
    YouTube tutorials from Canada, by englishspacedog.
    Pretty understandable video's. Comprehensive topics. Easy learning.
  • Free online Cobol programming Course (325)
    This course is developed and owned by an IBM Authorized Global Training Provider: Arrow ECS
    This online COBOL programming course is available online, anytime, anywhere and comprises of highly interactive training. It not only focuses on the technical aspects of the subject matter, but on the learning itself, and on utilizing eLearning technologies to facilitate advanced learning outcomes. This COBOL programming course is available to all IBM customers on a complimentary basis for a limited period only May 1st ,2016 - October 31st ,2016.
  • The Cobol FAQ (759)
    The original Cobol FAQ by William M. Klein.
    Last-Modified: Wednesday, August 17, 2005.