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Cobol Support

  • Paradigm Corporation (497)
    Paradigm Corporation provides since 1981 a wide range of technical services to customers in commerce, education, and local government.
    Extensive expertise with Unisys ClearPath MCP and A Series systems, and specific to Cobol: "we can develop or enhance applications built using any combination of Algol, COBOL-74, COBOL-85, DMSII, and COMS".
  • Wildhare Computers (550)
    Wildhare, a company with a rich and long history, solves Data General or Rolm problems: "we can directly run AOS/VS, AOS/VS II, RDOS and your current MV, Eclipse and Nova application programs on Windows or Linux".
    And specific to Cobol: "run DG COBOL programs on modern platforms x with our ICOBOL and VS/COBOL compilers and runtimes".