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  • Advanced Compilers and VM's in the sixties? (1,310)
    Read about Digitek and learn how computing history is repeating itself nowadays. It's a short story on wikipedia, and definitely worth the read.
    What is not so obvious, is that in those years Xerox was involved in nearly every innovation. Remember, Xerox invented the mouse and windowing gui's in the seventies, to be copied in the Macintosh and later into Windows.
    Well, you do know what happened in dinosaurus ruling times?
  • Biography of Grace Murray Hopper (1,443)
    Written by Rebecca Norman, Class of 2000 (Agnes Scott College).
    Read about the founder of Cobol. Get astonished about the complexities of the IT profession in those days.
  • History of Cobol, video (1,335)
    A 10 minute video on the History of Cobol on YouTube.
    English spoken, it features some historic photographs of the prototype(s) of those days. Recommended.
  • History of Computing (1,044)
    A course given at Stanford and FU Berlin (2001, Raoul Rojas cs) on the History of Computing. The course features the A-0 compiler, flow-matic and the roots of Cobol (look for 'Plankalk├╝l and FORTRAN'), amongst other historical things.
    Some dead links inside (lectures), but all written materials are present. Get a peek as long it is still there !
  • Introduction to Cobol, 2 minutes on History. (1,084)
    Some fine articles on the history of Cobol, collected by Smithsonian.
    And, being there, have a peek too on http://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/subjects/computers-business-machines