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Cobol Syntax for CGI

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Cobol Salon

General Format Data Description

[ IS EXTERNAL-FORM [ IDENTIFIED BY template-file-name ] ]  
[ IS IDENTIFIED BY external-name ]  


The IS EXTERNAL-FORM clause associates a group item with HyperText Markup Language (HTML) data using the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) specification. It allows you to define input and output records for HTML forms and is useful when your COBOL code is part of an Internet-based application.

Syntax Rule

1. template-file-name and external-name are alphanumeric literals or unqualified data names. If a data name is used, it must refer to an unambiguous data item.

Computer Instruction Languages require a Belief System.

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Cobol Salon The term CIL stands for concepts that we indicate in general as being a Computer Programming Language (i.e. assembler, basic, java, fortran, cobol and such). These concepts can come in scripted versions (machine interpreted), compiled into native instruction sets, be it emulated or micro coded and they come in hybrid forms using a symbolic intermediate language. And even virtual versions will appear, using a imaginary machine with a custom instruction set, be it a general purpose virtual machine or a completely customized virtual model.

Cobol Salon

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Cobol Salon On a regular basis there will be a meeting on Cobol in the Bonn area (Germany). These meetings are accompanied with a nice drink and networking facilities.

The meetings are invite-only.

If you want to attend or contribute, please do register here as a user.
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