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Introducing CoCoS

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Announcements CoCoS stands for Common Coding Standards, or alternatively Common Cobol Standards or Cobol Coding Standards.
It is pronounced as [kókòz] and spelled charlie-oscar-charlie-oscar-sierra.

With CoCoS the opportunity opens to develop Cobol Systems and Programs in a universal way with common agreement and understanding when reading Cobol Sources.

CoCoS is not a framework, but might be seen as such. The suggested Standards do, however, interfere with program flow and support good practice.

The ruleset does not contain syntactic sugar, though the association with the name calls for it: you need hard labor to crack it and the internals will reward you.

myCobol.net attracts script kiddies

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Announcements While there is logging of all hacking attempts, it seems that this site is attractive to people with naive knowledge of Http requests. Some think this is a WordPress site, how cute! Some think that SQL injection is the latest technique, with possibly day zero defects. Uhmm. Jolly time-wasting.

Cobol Salon

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Announcements On a regular basis there will be a meeting on Cobol in the Bonn area (Germany). These meetings are accompanied with a nice drink and networking facilities.

The meetings are invite-only.

If you want to attend or contribute, please do register here as a user.
Than send a email to Admin.

Looking for donations & sponsors

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Announcements Cobol does enjoy a crowd of experts and the language is attracting attention of young people.
I guess because learning the current languages has a steep curve.