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77-level-description-entry [Cobol/Syntax]
A data description entry that describes a noncontiguous data item that has level-number 77.
abend [Cobol/Event]
Abnormal termination of a program.
access mode [Cobol/Concept]
The manner in which records are to be operated upon within a file.
alphabet-name [Cobol/Syntax]
A user-defined word, in the SPECIAL-NAMES paragraph of the ENVIRONMENT DIVISION, that assigns a name to a specific chara ...
alphabetic [Cobol/Syntax]
(1) A letter or a space character ...
alphanumeric [Cobol/Syntax]
(1) A group item that is defined without a GROUP-USAGE NATIONAL clause. For operations such as INSPECT, STRING, and UNST ...
alphanumeric character [Cobol/Syntax]
(1) Any character in the single-byte character set of the computer ...
alphanumeric-edited [Cobol/Syntax]
A data item that is described by a PICTURE character string that contains at least one instance of the symbol A or X and ...
alternate record key [Cobol/Syntax]
A key, other than the prime record key, whose contents identify a record within an indexed file.
ANSI [Cobol/Standards]
(American National Standards Institute ...