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X [Cobol/Syntax]
The symbol in a PICTURE clause that can hold any character in the character set of the computer.
XML [Cobol/Context]
Extensible Markup Language. A standard metalanguage for defining markup languages that was derived from and is a subset ...
XML data [Cobol/Context]
Data that is organized into a hierarchical structure with XML elements. The data definitions are defined in XML element ...
XML declaration [Cobol/Context]
XML text that specifies characteristics of the XML document such as the version of XML being used and the encoding of th ...
XML document [Cobol/Context]
A data object that is well formed as defined by the W3C XML specification.
XML namespace [Cobol/Context]
A mechanism, defined by the W3C XML Namespace specifications, that limits the scope of a collection of element names and ...
XML schema [Cobol/Standards]
A mechanism, defined by the W3C, for describing and constraining the structure and content of XML documents. An XML sche ...