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relative file [Cobol/Syntax]
A file with relative organization.
relative key [Cobol/Syntax]
A key whose contents identify a logical record in a relative file.
relative organization [Cobol/Syntax]
The permanent logical file structure in which each record is uniquely identified by an integer value greater than zero, ...
relative record number [Cobol/Syntax]
The ordinal number of a record in a file whose organization is relative. This number is treated as a numeric literal tha ...
reserved word [Cobol/Syntax]
A COBOL word that is specified in the list of words that can be used in a COBOL source program, but that must not appear ...
resource [Cobol/Concept]
A facility or service, controlled by the operating system, that an executing program can use.
resultant identifier [Cobol/Syntax]
A user-defined data item that is to contain the result of an arithmetic operation.
routine [Cobol/Syntax]
A set of statements in a COBOL program that causes the computer to perform an operation or series of related operations. ...
routine-name [Cobol/Syntax]
A user-defined word that identifies a procedure written in a language other than COBOL.
run time [Cobol/Syntax]
The time at which an object program is executed. Synonymous with object time.