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packed-decimal data item [Cobol/Syntax]
See internal decimal data item.
padding character [Cobol/Syntax]
An alphanumeric or national character that is used to fill the unused character positions in a physical record.
page [Cobol/Concept]
A vertical division of output data that represents a physical separation of the data. The separation is based on interna ...
page body [Cobol/Concept]
That part of the logical page in which lines can be written or spaced or both.
paragraph [Cobol/Syntax]
In the PROCEDURE DIVISION, a paragraph-name followed by a separator period and by zero, one, or more sentences. In the I ...
paragraph header [Cobol/Syntax]
A reserved word, followed by the separator period, that indicates the beginning of a paragraph in the IDENTIFICATION DIV ...
paragraph-name [Cobol/Syntax]
A user-defined word that identifies and begins a paragraph in the PROCEDURE DIVISION.
parameter [Cobol/Syntax]
(1) Data passed between a calling program and a called program ...
phrase [Cobol/Syntax]
An ordered set of one or more consecutive COBOL character strings that form a portion of a COBOL procedural statement or ...
physical record [Cobol/Syntax]
See block.