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object code [Cobol/Syntax]
Output from a compiler or assembler that is itself executable machine code or is suitable for processing to produce exec ...
object computer entry [Cobol/Syntax]
An entry in the OBJECT-COMPUTER paragraph of the ENVIRONMENT DIVISION; this entry contains clauses that describe the com ...
object deck [Cobol/Syntax]
A portion of an object program suitable as input to a linkage editor. Synonymous with object module and text deck.
object instance [Cobol/Syntax]
See object.
object module [Cobol/Syntax]
Synonym for object deck or text deck.
object of entry [Cobol/Syntax]
A set of operands and reserved words, within a DATA DIVISION entry of a COBOL program, that immediately follows the subj ...
object program [Cobol/Syntax]
A set or group of executable machine-language instructions and other material designed to interact with data to provide ...
object reference [Cobol/Syntax]
A value that identifies an instance of a class. If the class is not specified, the object reference is universal and can ...
object time [Cobol/Syntax]
The time at which an object program is executed. Synonymous with run time.
The name of an ENVIRONMENT DIVISION paragraph in which the computer environment, where the object program is run, is des ...