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data clause [Cobol/Syntax]
A clause, appearing in a data description entry in the DATA DIVISION of a COBOL program, that provides information descr ...
data description entry [Cobol/Syntax]
An entry in the DATA DIVISION of a COBOL program that is composed of a level-number followed by a data-name, if required ...
DATA DIVISION [Cobol/Syntax]
The division of a COBOL program or method that describes the data to be processed by the program or method: the files to ...
data item [Cobol/Syntax]
A unit of data (excluding literals) defined by a COBOL program or by the rules for function evaluation.
data-name [Cobol/Syntax]
A user-defined word that names a data item described in a data description entry. When used in the general formats, data ...
date field [Cobol/Syntax]
Any of the following ...
date format [Cobol/Syntax]
The date pattern of a date field, specified in either of the following ways ...
DBCS [Cobol/Syntax]
See double-byte character set.
DBCS character [Cobol/Syntax]
Any character defined in IBM's double-byte character set.
DBCS character position [Cobol/Syntax]
See character position.