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ANSI [Cobol/Standards]
(American National Standards Institute ...
ASCII [Cobol/Standards]
American National Standard Code for Information Interchange ...
COBOL 85 [Cobol/Standards]
The COBOL language defined by the following standards ...
EBCDIC [Cobol/Standards]
(Extended Binary-Coded Decimal Interchange Code ...
EBCDIC character [Cobol/Standards]
Any one of the symbols included in the EBCDIC (Extended Binary-Coded-Decimal Interchange Code) set.
IBM COBOL extension [Cobol/Standards]
COBOL syntax and semantics supported by IBM compilers in addition to those described in Standard COBOL 85.
Unicode [Cobol/Standards]
A universal character encoding standard that supports the interchange, processing, and display of text that is written i ...
XML schema [Cobol/Standards]
A mechanism, defined by the W3C, for describing and constraining the structure and content of XML documents. An XML sche ...