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Terms  abend   breakpoint   file attribute conflict   preinitialization   process   unsuccessful execution                   

abend [Cobol/Event]
Abnormal termination of a program.
breakpoint [Cobol/Event]
A place in a computer program, usually specified by an instruction, where external intervention or a monitor program can ...
file attribute conflict [Cobol/Event]
An unsuccessful attempt has been made to execute an input-output operation on a file and the file attributes, as specifi ...
preinitialization [Cobol/Event]
The initialization of the COBOL runtime environment in preparation for multiple calls from programs, especially non-COBO ...
process [Cobol/Event]
The course of events that occurs during the execution of all or part of a program. Multiple processes can run concurrent ...
unsuccessful execution [Cobol/Event]
The attempted execution of a statement that does not result in the execution of all the operations specified by that sta ...