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access mode [Cobol/Concept]
The manner in which records are to be operated upon within a file.
array [Cobol/Concept]
An aggregate that consists of data objects, each of which can be uniquely referenced by subscripting. An array is roughl ...
assumed decimal point [Cobol/Concept]
A decimal point position that does not involve the existence of an actual character in a data item. The assumed decimal ...
binary search [Cobol/Concept]
A dichotomizing search in which, at each step of the search, the set of data elements is divided by two; some appropriat ...
buffer [Cobol/Concept]
A portion of storage that is used to hold input or output data temporarily.
case structure [Cobol/Concept]
A program-processing logic in which a series of conditions is tested in order to choose between a number of resulting ac ...
code page [Cobol/Concept]
An assignment of graphic characters and control function meanings to all code points. For example, one code page could a ...
compile [Cobol/Concept]
(1) To translate a program expressed in a high-level language into a program expressed in an intermediate language, asse ...
compile time [Cobol/Concept]
The time at which COBOL source code is translated, by a COBOL compiler, to a COBOL object program.
component [Cobol/Concept]
(1) A functional grouping of related files ...