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big-endian [Cobol/Context]
The default format that the mainframe and the AIX workstation use to store binary data and UTF-16 characters. In this fo ...
CCSID [Cobol/Context]
See coded character set identifier.
client [Cobol/Context]
In object-oriented programming, a program or method that requests services from one or more methods in a class.
compiler [Cobol/Context]
A program that translates source code written in a higher-level language into machine-language object code.
DLL [Cobol/Context]
See dynamic link library.
document encoding [Cobol/Context]
For an XML document, one of the following encoding categories that the XML parser determines by examining the first few ...
dynamic link library [Cobol/Context]
A file that contains executable code and data that are bound to a program at load time or run time, rather than during l ...
K [Cobol/Context]
When referring to storage capacity, two to the tenth power; 1024 in decimal notation.
locale [Cobol/Context]
A set of attributes for a program execution environment that indicates culturally sensitive considerations, such as char ...
reference format [Cobol/Context]
A format that provides a standard method for describing COBOL source programs.