Subject: About your Admin

Posted on: 07/08/13 17:24
By: Admin

Hello, and welcome to the Cobol forums!

Being Admin drags me into the anonymous world, and my whereabouts will be fuzzy.
Please do not overwhelm me with anything, except donations, since I will only be involved in the administration tasks and the protection of your digital ass, for as long as you are here.

That having said, I welcome you being here. Take a peek at the Cobol Salon, regularly held in Bonn, Germany. Or use the -more or less- wise lessons in CoCoS. Try a download or two.
In any case, have fun being here and share your thoughts as much as possible.

Arrow Remember: ideas, thoughts, propositions, any mental performance is worth sharing; and share them before somebody else does share the very same before you do!!. Frown - Forum