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When you don't know, don't tell.

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Anti Patterns The pattern can be observed very well and is dominant present in contemporary social networks and specific in open source development groups. The metaphor of the anti-principle is simple: don't ask a horsing company about bees.

When documentation is lacking on things, the easy approach is to ask the internet. Than you get a clear and distinct answer in most cases. If not, it is obvious to ask your friends, groups or the expert out there. But when your question is out of focus of your friends, groups and even of the expert, you'll harvest silence.
The reason is also simple and so much annoying: out of focus for a person means that opinion or knowledge is short and the honest answer will be perceived as a "no" and that is killing for the next interaction. At last we live from interaction to interaction and this chronology should not stop.

So, The common state of mind is "don't tell you don't know" and don't spend a minute reflection on it because there is nothing to gain.

The problem with this anti-pattern is, off course, that none participant in this interaction is moving forward.