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Looking for donations & sponsors

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Project StickleBack Cobol does enjoy a crowd of experts and the language is attracting attention of young people.
I guess because learning the current languages has a steep curve.

However, the lack of good examples (read: source code) or working systems in Cobol will drive them away. It is remarkable that most efforts die in a enthusiastic approach with trying to mimic OO design trends, looking for syntactic sugar and such. It is obvious that a background of WHY Cobol, HOW to use Cobol and WHEN to turn to Cobol is missing in educational settings.

It is my opinion that having Cobol projects available in open source will push the attention for Cobol in heights. It is my opinion too that Cobol can be used as THE Cloud transaction processing.

In this setting I have started project StickleBack in order to push (donated) Cobol systems (in source code) into the open source, to create decent tutorials on Cobol and to publish a set of standards suitable to form a framework.

Read more at http://stickleback.nlbox.com
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